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Yuen Method Whole Harmony


Promotional discount on sessions and Workshops

There is a promotional discount of 20% on the session price and
the Holidays Promotional Price for Workshops. For more details see:

If you refer a new student for the class, you will get $50.00 off your class price. Your referrals must be new first time students. Please tell your referrals to list you as the referred party to get credit before the class.

For the people who didn't have the chance to participate at a demonstration, and don't know how the technique is working, I offer 10 minutes of free work and I will answer their questions.
Please email at

If anybody would like to organize another demo or class at a different time and location please let me know. For the people that will register for the class from this demo the organizer will be compensated. 
Ask for details.

If you want to set up a demo at a different time that those scheduled and you have a group of people, 
please let me know.

In support for a better life:

I offer a free session to any child in the world that is suffering or wants to get better at what they do as a passion. I would also offer one free session to any person that was diagnosed with cancer. Each month two children and two people with cancer will be selected. The sessions will be scheduled in the last week of the month or based on emergency. Fill-up the email form. Here is the link:

I do this to celebrate life and in honor of my parents.


At last but not the least, I want to let you know that I participate at live events or online where we can collect donations for a good cause. If you are already working with any organization/ cause and need my support to raise funds, please let me know. We can plan and work together!

Don't forget to check our web site as new information is always being added.