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Doina Iuga - Yuen Method Instructor and Certified Practitioner                    

    Yuen Method Whole Harmony

Doina's Bio:

I was born in Romania, but have made Canada and the US my home too.
All of these places have blessed me with experiences that have helped me grow.
Always I have been fascinated by nature, and all the life around us, how the dynamics of this beautiful world work, and what lies within the Universe. I am pleasantly amazed at how many nice things there are, developing around us in nature, and at how creative people are. I was attracted to subjects like chemistry, physics, mathematics, anatomy, biology, and sports.
Despite my initial interests, I studied computers and I worked in this field which I was passionate about.
In my thirties, I began having assorted health problems. In Romania I had hepatitis B, and I was never told, but was given a false diagnosis to protect the institution where I had had blood work. To make this worse, I was on medication that was making this unknown situation worse and hurting my health. Thankfully I stopped taking them. In Canada I developed other illnesses (hepatitis A, shingles, and stroke). My family doctor misdiagnosed my stroke, and when a specialist did further tests, my doctor failed to insert his own notes in my file, but chose to just jot them on sticky notes.    
After coming to the America, I met some wonderful doctors, of which I am appreciative. I got more trust about me and my body. I made the decision to take charge regarding my own health and returned to my passion: studying what makes us healthy, anatomy, biology, alternative medicine.
One of the greatest things in my life was meeting Dr. Kam Yuen in September 2000, and learning his technique.
I have taken his classes and participated as an assistant in many more. In April 2003 I became Certified Practitioner with the first certification class on Yuen Method. I used it for myself, family, other people, on the spot, and even at a distance in Romania, Canada, USA, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Greece, UK, and Serbia. It's working!
Thank you Dr. Yuen for giving us the tool to change!

            I learned that energy supports life.