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Yuen Method Whole Harmony

Thank you for coming to my website!
You have chosen to do something for yourself. Congratulations for being open to the new you!
For the people who didn't have the chance to participate at a demonstration, and don't know how the technique is working, I offer 10 minutes of free work and I will answer their questions.

Health Consulting, Personal & Business Improvement:

By appointment only (send me an email or call - see bellow details)
  • One on one.
  • Over the phone.
  • Group healing.
  • On Site Business Consulting

Organized Events:

For all Organized events registration is required.
  • Demonstrations of the Yuen Method.
  • Teleseminars.
  • Group Demos on Request (minimum 10 participants).
  • Classes (Intro-Basic, Module 1, Module 2, Module 3 and Follow-ups).
  • Study Group.
  • Monthly Free Teleseminars.  Register online at:

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Note: For anyone interested in Yuen Method events in your hometown (in the US or abroad)
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Level 1 Class:
Material: Yuen Method Basic Manual provided.
Objectives of the class: click here!
How to contact me: By Phone: USA: 425 260 3054
 By email - use the Email Form below:
Level 2 Class:
Material: Yuen Method Intermediate Manual provided.
Objectives of the class: click here!
Price (in US currency):
The regular price for First Time class is $550.00 and for Review Class is $400.00.

Promotional Prices:

For  classes:
- Prepaid  First Time one class: $450  (save $100)
- Prepaid First Time two classes: $690 (save $410)
- Late Registration First Time one class: $550
- Prepaid Review one class: $350  (save $50)*
- Prepaid Review two classes: $450   (save $150)
- Late Registration Review one class: $400
- Prepaid one First Time plus one Review class: $590  (save $260)
Practice Groups:  $50 (eight hours with Level 1 workshop ONLY!)
To register for any of the classes use the following link:
To register for any of the practice groups use the following link:

* Review price is applying to people who took The First Time Class with me.
How to contact me:
USA: 630 671 9226 / 425 260 3054

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Yuen Method
amazing story:

Last year I staffed a seminar on Personal Growth and Self Help. One of the students of that seminar introduced me to her friend, Doina, who attended some of the later sessions. 
I had been in an accident some 20 years prior which, over time, had led to a great deal of discomfort. One result had been that I could not straighten my arm - it laid 'open', in crab-like fashion, with about a 25-degree angle at the elbow.
Doina offered her help with some injuries - and there, in the lobby of that facility, made conversational inquiries and put a light, soothing presence to various parts of my arm and elbow.
 After about 20 minutes, Doina said "Okay - try it"  - and the arm went completely open!
That is to say, it laid flat throughout - no joint pain; no feeling of tightness.
The skin of that large area had often felt like there were huge rubber bands around it -  there was a lot of resistance to overcome before the arm could be used.
 Now, however, it was one quick and smooth action to fully open the joint.
Doina said, "By the way - I also loosened the scar tissue".....
Boy - what a change!
To have that learn the Yuen Method - what a great gift that would be!
J. Bradley - 4 Mar 09