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Yuen Method Whole Harmony


I would like to give a feedback on the last teleseminar from 17th of Sept . Feeling good and it's amaizing how good my wrist feels. Would like to thank you for everything you corrected in my life:).
D.P.  - Chicago '09

Last year I staffed a seminar on Personal Growth and Self Help. One of the students of that seminar introduced me to her friend, Doina, who attended some of the later sessions. 
I had been in an accident some 20 years prior which, over time, had led to a great deal of discomfort. One result had been that I could not straighten my arm - it laid 'open', in crab-like fashion, with about a 25-degree angle at the elbow. 
Doina offered her help with some injuries - and there, in the lobby of that facility, made conversational inquiries and put a light, soothing presence to various parts of my arm and elbow. 
After about 20 minutes, Doina said 'Okay - try it' - - and the arm went completely open! 
That is to say, it laid flat throughout - no joint pain; no feeling of tightness. 
The skin of that large area had often felt like there were huge rubber bands around it - there was a lot of resistance to overcome before the arm could be used. 
Now, however, it was one quick and smooth action to fully open the joint. Doina said, 'By the way - I also loosened the scar tissue' ...  Boy - what a change!
To have that learn the Yuen Method - what a great gift that would be!
J. Bradley - 4 Mar 09

I have met with Doina on 3 separate occasions - two demo sessions and one private session. I am so impressed with her work and how much the Yuen Method can do - not only have I benefited from it but I have seen so many others in the demos make great changes in their energy level and body pain. I have had arthritis pain in my knee for a year and my doctor said there is nothing to do for it except taking Aleve. After Doina's sessions with me, I have noticed a great reduction in pain, as well as feeling much more flexible in my muscles in my entire body. It is wonderful to know there is something that can help change physical and emotional problems without taking pills.
Thank you Doina.
Judy, WA

The Yuen Method allowed me to easily heal trauma that is otherwise challenging to heal with other methods. It caused me to stop reacting to situations that I would otherwise react to and just made life easier. I am more at home and have more space to be me.
S., Bellevue, WA

For over a year, my left knee was often weak, achy and disabled with pain. I tried seeing an acupuncturist, a chiropractor, as well as attending Yoga and Pilates classes, but it never resolved my problem completely. Three days after Doina performed the Yuen Method, my knee remarkably was “healed” or “fixed” – I had movement without pain! I can walk up the stairs and run again – the Yuen Method is amazing! I’m truly grateful to know this technique works for me.
Thanks Doina!
J.Y., Seattle

At a conference I attended last year I was suddenly suffering from a pain in my chest accompanied by a heavy feeling and a difficulty in breathing. Somebody led me to Doina Iuga and she began working on me to relieve my suffering. After 15 minutes of hard and fast work, gradually the pain, heaviness and difficulty in breathing subsided and I once again felt normal. It was a frightening experience for me and I felt a huge debt of gratitude to Doina for her expert and efficient healing....
Thank you, Doina,
Trudie Leap Chico, CA.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with having a frozen vocal chord. There was no explanation for why this happened and I was given a poor prognosis of it ever getting any better. It left me with a very low gravely voice which was always under strain. There were many sessions with a speech therapist and speech pathologist with little or no improvement. I met Doina when I attended my first Yuen Energetic workshop in 2002. One evening a group of us went to dinner and Doina told me she would work on my voice. This was all done silently while she told me to keep talking. During a span of about 10-15 minutes, my voice started to get better and has continued to do so. It was not only noticeable to me but to everyone else at the table. Now, it is not longer an issue. It was truly amazing and this is when I began to seriously study and practice Yuen Energetics for myself. I will always be grateful to Doina and her amazing talents. I have seen Yuen energetics work over and over, not only for myself but others. Thank you Doina for sharing your wonderful talents and gifts. -
B. W., Business & Life Coach, WA.

Doina’s gift to heal completely amazes me. I met her at a seminar for Chinese energetic medicine and she helped me solve a stage 4 sleep disorder, chronic fatigue and muscular skeletal birth defect. I had my first good night sleep in my life. I continue to gain strength with each night. She has rebuilt me at a skeletal level the very core of my pain. She has also worked on my chemical sensitivity and environmental illness. Doina's greatly reduced the symptoms. Off, the layers keep coming. I now lead a fairly normal life. The Doctor's and I, never thought this would be possible. My life is a complete miraculous gift. Thank you so much Doina. I highly recommend you to all. Sincerely Much Love & Light,
Elizabeth, Ocean Beach, CA

I was having very strong and bad migraine headache attacks at least 3 times a month. There were days when I could not even get out of bed due to severe pain all over my body. I was feeling very nauseous and dizzy most of the time and every little chore around the house was a burden. I can't even say how hard was to go to work! Doina started to work on me and the pain was gone in about 20 minutes. ... But this is not the only thing that Doina helped me with. She also helped me to increase the quality of my personal and professional life. She helped me to improve the relationship between me and my husband and also between me and my colleagues at work. She even helped me to get a promotion by improving the way I do things at work and by giving me the power and the strength to cope with stress and with difficult situations.
M.S., Chicago
Doina has worked with me several times. She is warm and caring regarding helping me. Her intuition about symptoms and root causes is very deep and accurate. I strongly recommend her to clients seeking excellent support in eliminating their symptoms.
LeRoy, MA

When Doina was performing Yuen Energetics corrections on me she asked what was wrong with my right foot. I told her I felt like I couldn't put any weight on it. Doina made an Energetic chiropractic adjustment on my right leg and foot. The next day I was riding my horse and I felt no pain in my right knee. When I got off the horse to walk back something felt different to me. I walked forward a few steps and turned to look at my footprints in the dust on the road behind me. My footprints showed my right foot was straight. I turned my foot into my normal walking position and it didn't want to be there. After over a month my foot is still in correct alignment and I can do my favorite activities without pain. I had been to many chiropractors over the years but none had been able to make a correction to straighten my right foot. Thank you Doina!
M.F., Colorado

Doina cleared away a lot of old stuff that had been weighing me down - literally. She did it in one session, and the effects have been lasting. I feel more whole + integrated.    
Carolyn, Seattle